JumpRope runs on Adobe Flash!




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    Sabrina Van

    is there a way you can try to not do flash in the future so we can use it on the ipad?

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    Jenna Brown

    Hi Sabrina,

    Great question! JumpRope will continue to run in Flash for the foreseeable future, however you can access our mobile site at app.jumpro.pe/m if you'd like to use JumpRope on your iPad. The mobile site currently works for attendance only (there is no gradebook), but we're actively working on a brand new, full featured mobile application, so stay tuned!

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    Katy Kauffman

    Just to add to Sabrina's comment, having to use Flash might hinder my ability to use this program, as I do a lot on the fly with my iPad. I'll stay tuned for the release of the mobile app.

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    We're actively working on it!  In the meantime, if you use JumpRope through your school we do have a mobile app that supports attendance and comments.

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    Laura Rogers

    As a single user, is there any way to be able to use the app? I read that you have to have the pro account. How would I be able to access it?

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