4. Entering Scores




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    Matt Enlow

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to change the range of possible scores for a given standard from a 100-point scale (which appears to be the default) to a 5-point scale (or any other scale, for that matter).

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    marcia cullinane

    I would like to know that too!!

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    Marc Slingerland

    I believe that's a universal setting applied across all your gradebooks when you set up your account.

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    Abbie Griffin

    Is there way to go back and change that? i wish I had down the scale instead.

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    Charly Brewer

    Anybody figure out how to change it? Do I really have to delete the account and start over?

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    Kandice Hansen

    I think you have to start over. I remember reading during my initial set up to choose carefully because it can not be changed later. Sorry.

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    Jen Landeros

    The last line here says "Click here to learn more about using JumpRope's mastery reports," but there is no link to click--none of the words in the sentence are links...

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