Planning: Creating Assessments




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    Brooke Edmunds

    Yes, but I want to know how I can clone a HW assignment. I teach 2 science classes and 2 math classes how can I enter the HW once for each class and then have it show up in others?

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    Jenna Brown


    If you share a unit with each class, any assessment that you create in that unit will show up for both classes. If you need help with sharing, take a look at this article: If you have any trouble, feel free to contact us at or via the Contact Us link from the Account & Support menu while logged in to JumpRope.

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    Elaine Fryda

    How (where?) can I change the name of the teacher for a particular assignment? Is that here or under Creating a Unit?

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    Hayley Tanler

    Hi Elaine,

    Whomever enters scores for an assessment has their name associated with the assessment. If you want to share assessments, standards and units with another teacher take a look at the article If you have more questions, you can contact us directly at

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    Kelly Orr

    Hi there,
    How can you have recurring assessments (eg weekly literature circles, vocab quizzes) happen on multiple dates (eg ever tuesday)? Or do you have to manually create a new assessment for one, and manually link the standards?

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