How do I delete a student?




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    Lorana Hoopes

    I don't have the option to edit a class. Is that not available in single user version? I need to delete a student who dropped my class but have no way to do that.

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    Laura Gustafson

    It does not give me the option of removing a student forever. I was able to only do it for three students. I would like to be able to clear it out without having to delete the entire course and starting over. 

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    Katie M Hahn

    hi how do you put 1 in jump Rope

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    Laurie Forsman

    Lorana, I have the single-user version as well. It is possible but their instructions are not clear. The way to get the "Edit Class List" prompt is to click the down-arrow next to your actual course name. Don't click the gear icon. You should see the correct prompt.

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